Along with collecting, keeping and displaying/communicating, researching is one of the traditional core tasks of a museum.
Researching also includes documentation and scientific investigation.

The South Tyrolean Museum of Hunting and Fishing was opened in 1996 as a branch of the South Tyrolean Folklore Museum in Dietenheim.

Currently no research project is running.



In 1991 the South Tyrolean Folklore Museum, of which the South Tyrolean Museum of Hunting and Fishing is a branch, added hunting and fishing to its collecting activity.

The collection mainly contains objects with a reference to the history of hunting and fishing in Tyrol and popular art objects decorated with hunting, game and fishing motifs.

The hunting collection contains hunting weapons, trophies, hunting utensils such as powder horns, hunting bags and hunter’s instruments as well as tableware, glasses, snuff boxes, pipes and splint boxes with hunting motifs. The historical stag trophies and the two state rooms with the hunting tapestries form part of the original castle furnishings.

The fishing collection contains equipment, popular art and dioramas as well as Rudolf Reichel’s unique collection on fly fishing.

The collection is constantly being extended. Due to lack of space we are obliged to apply a very strict selection policy to new acquisitions.

Details of the collection concept of the South Tyrolean Folklore Museum, of which the Museum of Hunting and Fishing is a branch, can be found here.

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