The castle for children

A journey of discovery through saloons, halls and chambers

There is plenty for families to discover at Wolfsthurn castle: who lived in the castle and what did the inhabitants look like? How does it feel to float on the dance floor of a ballroom? What is the difference between “high” and “low” hunting? Who are the patrons of the hunters? Which animals live in the Alps and what does their habitat look like?

There are three rooms in the basement especially for children. Here the little museum visitors can discover the local wildlife in a playful way. The aim is to recognize animal voices and read animal tracks, explore a bear cave, line up deer antlers according to their age and imitate the howling of a wolf.

Already the way to the castle on the 1 km long walking trail holds all kinds of surprises: along the theme trail “Forest and Water” families can rest and play in nature. The habitats "forest" and "water" are made accessible to all senses. A special attraction for young and old is the deer enclosure just before the castle.

A workshop for children is offered in summer.

• The family card makes the visit for families even more attractive: admission for children and young people under 16 is free.
Nappy-changing facilities are available in the castle.
• The “Forest and Water” walking trail is accessible to pushchairs.

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Preview of the program 

As a precautionary measure to help contain the further spread of coronavirus, all events in the current year have been cancelled

Until further notice the mediation offer is limited to short guided tours outdoors for small groups (max. 10 people) in compliance with the safety and protective measures (e.g. wearing mouth-nose protection). Advance booking is required.

Thank you for your understanding.

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